Chickens at Alpacas of the Coast

Randy and I have a small flock of chickens here on the farm, and since we will be selling their eggs at the Errington Farmer’s Market starting next Saturday, I thought that I would say a few words about our birds.

Right now, we have 12 ISA Brown hens (all under 1 year of age) and 1 Buff Brahma Bantam rooster, affectionately named “Dork”.  Our chickens range freely over the whole front-section of the farm.  After they are let out of the hen house in the morning, they wander as they please.  (We keep them in on really wet, windy or snowy days).  In addition to whatever treats they find while roaming the farm, they are supplemented with 16% Layer Pellets from Top Shelf Feeds (a Vancouver Island feed company).  The feed contains vitamins and minerals, but it is not medicated nor does it contain animal byproducts.

Our two slightly older hens each lay a jumbo sized egg every day.  The younger birds (younger by about six months) lay an egg *almost* every day, and they range from medium to jumbo, though they are getting bigger all the time.  Egg size is based on weight, not the size of the egg shell.  Jumbo eggs are at least 70 grams, although we sometimes have eggs that are 80 grams (or more!).  The shells are brown (that’s why the birds are called ISA “Brown”… because they lay brown eggs), and they have rich orange yolks.

Roma, our dog, loves the chickens because she really, really likes eggs.  They’re a special treat, and she always gets any cracked or damaged eggs.  She bites them open, licks up the insides and then eats the shell.

2010 Market Season Egg Prices: Large $4.00 / Extra-Large $4.25 / Jumbo $4.50