2010 Cria – Special Blessings and an Amazing Offer
Clara and Maëlle

Randy and I are pleased to introduce our 2010 cria.  The first was born on February 19th, during the XXI Winter Olympics in Vancouver, so we decided to name her after gold medal snowboarder Maëlle Ricker.  This cria was out of V Island Belle, and the sire is our very own Dorian de la Costa.  Maëlle is Dorian’s very first off-spring, so we’re naturally really excited about her arrival.

Our second cria of 2010 came unexpectedly early.  Born a bit premature on April 11th, we gave this little female and her dam, Mystic’s Jasmine some extra attention.  Six days later, after a check-up from the vet, we let them join the herd.  Jasmine was so happy to have fresh green grass again, and the little cria was so excited to have space to run.  She continues to grow well, and you would never know that she gave us such a scare by being born early, though we’ll leave her coat on for a bit longer to help her stay warm.  We have decided to name her after the great Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes.  Clara is Dorian’s second cria.

Both cria appear to be white (although some days it is hard to tell, what with all the dirt and vegetation they manage to get themselves into), and they are eligible for registration in the Canadian (CLAA) and American (ARI) registries.

In celebration of the fact that these are the first cria from Dorian, we’re offering them for sale at an amazingly special price: $2500.00 CND each or $4500.00 for the pair.  This is a fantastic price for young, double-registered animals, so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to start a new herd or expand an existing one.

(Cria must be kept with their dams until they are at least six months of age, so Maëlle and Clara will be ready to move to a new farm in August and October, respectively.  The price listed does not include transportation or registry transfer fees.)

Clara at 17 days old.