ARI Begins Offering BVDV Testing

This information was just announced at the ARI AGM in Cleveland:

ARI is excited to be able to immediately begin offering BVDV testing of alpacas through our genetic testing vendor, Geneseek.

The cost of this new service will be $25.00 per test and the really exciting part is that these tests will be completed using the same DNA blood cards that we use for DNA testing. In fact, if you choose to do so, you can even request a BVDV test at the same time as registering a new alpaca.

For detailed information on BVDV testing, please read
ARIgram 6.20.

This is very exciting news for our industry.  Anything that can be done to encourage farms to test their herd for BVD is a great help to isolating and preventing this disease.  The fact that this can be done on the same DNA blood cards as the registration sample means that no special techniques are required for collecting the sample as also fanstastic news.  Collecting blood for the DNA cards does not require a vial of blood to be drawn from a vein; a small prick on a vein such as is found in the ear is sufficient.  This means that no vet visit is required for a BVD test!

Cost-wise, it is still more affordable to have the test done here in Canada if it is part of a routine vet call.  Looking at a bill from last year, the total cost for four alpacas to be tested was $55.50 (including taxes).  This was the cost for the vet to collect the blood from four animals, to send it to the lab and have one test run on the pooled samples.  Basically, all the blood was put together and then put through a single test.  If the sample had come back positive, we would have had to re-test each animal individually to isolate which animal had the virus.

Despite the cost, I hope that the ease-of-use factor will encourage folks to make testing part of their routine.  This is great news.  Good job, ARI!

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