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Lasqueti Island Wool Rovings

Use this long, thick ‘rope’ of downy wool for spinning, felting, needle felting, rug hooking or other crafts.

$20.00/ lb (natural white) or $5.50/ 4 ounce bag
$25.00 /lb (hand-dyed) or $6.25 / 4 ounce bag

Shipping estimate for 1lb of fibre: $12.00 to US destinations.
2011 Price List

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Alpaca-Merino Yarn

Made with 70% super-soft Errington alpaca (~20-25 micron average fibre diameter) blended with 30% merino sheep wool, this 2-ply mule spun yarn (worsted or light worsted) makes this yarn practical for any garment.  ~226 meters / skein.

$17.50 / 4 ounce skein (natural white)
$20.00 / 4 ounce skein (hand-dyed)

Lasqueti Island Wool Yarn

Spun on antique machines, this 2-ply mule spun yarn knits up as a light worsted or worsted weight yarn.  Ideal for blankets or sweaters.

$8.50 / 4 ounce skein  (natural cream)
$10.00 / 4 ounce skein (hand-dyed)

Lasqueti Island Wool Rovings

These fluffy coils of wool are ideal for needle felting or spinning. Some folks even use them for rug hooking or for braided pet beds. I usually have a rainbow of colours available.

$5.00 / 4 ounces (natural cream)
$6.50 / 4 ounce (hand-dyed)
$6.50 / 4 ounce bag (Felter's Fancy - mixed scraps of colour, plus 1 ounce of natural cream.)

Alpaca Pin-Drafted Rovings

Produced at Qualicum Bay Fibre Works, these soft, blended rovings are a delight to spin. Anna Runnings of QBFW has also experiemented with knitting the pin-drafted rovings with good results.

$17.50 -  $22.50 / 4 ounces (depending on the blend)

Quilting Batts 

These batts are designed for making comforters and quilts, but they can also be used for spinning, felting or for other crafts.  Each batt is approximately 96“ X 62” and weights 1 to 2 lbs.  We have two different batts to choose from: 100% Lasqueti Island Sheep Wool or a 70% AOTC Alpaca / 30% Wool blend.

(Special note: the alpaca fibre in our quilting batts was made using of all the fibre that was long enough for processing, but didn’t meet our softness standard to be made into yarn.

$16.00 / lb (100% Wool)

$40.00 / lb (70% Alpaca / 30% Wool)

Alpaca Socks


Made with 70% alpaca, 20% merino wool, and 20% nylon, these warm, durable socks come in four sizes (based on men's shoe size). Ankle socks have a shorter cuff than the work-socks. The colour is a natural creamy white.

$20.00           Small (4-6) or Medium (Size 7-9)

$20.00           Medium (Size 7-9)

$22.50           Large (Size 10-12) or Extra Large (Size 13-15)

12% HST is included in all the prices list above.
Nana's Ribbed Tuque

After much delay, I am finally uploading my interpretation of my grandmother's popular tuque that she knit for family and friends.  Until Randy shows me how to upload .pdfs and add photos to articles with Joomla!, a .pdf of the pattern can be found here.

The tuque can be happily modified for different sizes.  The standard natural black with a band of natural white can be modified or just left out, but the pattern presented is the 'standard' that Nana used for making her tuques.

Thank-you to Marlene Bumgarner for helping me proof read (and test knit, I hope!) the pattern.

This pattern is a free download, available to everyone for non-commercial use.

My grandmother made these tuques from scratch: the only part thing she didn’t do herself was shear the sheep!  On shearing day, she would select the best fleeces for handspinning.  Working with one fleece at a time, she would scour (wash) the wool, then flick it and run it through a drum carder to produce bats for spinning.  She spun the yarn and plyed it to create a chunky 2-ply yarn that would fall between a ‘medium’ and ‘bulky’ weight.  After washing the yarn again, the knitting would begin.  The tuques were knit flat (as opposed to circular) and then sewn up the side.  I have modified her pattern slightly to create a seamless hat.